Monday, October 8, 2012

Capogufo from Amersfoot, Netherland

Have you heard about Capogufo?

I'm not.

I received a postcard from Netherland. Its from Norma who lived in Amersfoort. Let see how far her place from Malaysia.

Pic Source from

And this is a snapshot from Wikipedia about place called Amersfoort. You are recommended to visit the link given for further information about Amersfoort, Netherland.

Pic Source

Well, go back to my first question.. Capogufo. I basically have no idea on this kind of creature. But from the photo, i believed its has something with an owl. Try to make some search but most of it was non-english language. So i don't understand. Share with me if you know about it ya!

**Latest update: It was Italian word Capo gufo means OWL HEAD

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